Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Long Does it Take to Create a Good Habit???

I'm an emotional eater. First thing, just putting it out there. Sad? Eat. Frustrated? Eat. Exhausted? Eat. Stressed? Eat, eat, eat. Am I proud of it? What do you think? (Of course not!!!) But I've learned to be real about it so I can stop denying it and making excuses about it, so I can deal with it.

Usually (ok, lately...) when I see super beautiful slender women, I get sad and annoyed about where I am physically and grab a comforting snack. Just being real.
Tonight though, while watching a show (I will NOT say which one...), I gave in to the voice inside. No, not the one that piped up about the goodies in the cupboard, but the one that said "Get your butt up and exercise! Move! Do SOMETHING!" Let's be honest here. I had just been sitting on the couch for at least 1.5 hours (at least I was folding laundry too!!!) and getting up sounded dreadful, so to compromise, I told myself I didn't have to bend over to even put on shoes. Barefoot workout!

I couldn't find the good workout dvd I love, but that didn't stop me. I looked up a Zumba class on YouTube and did my first Zumba workout. Aren't you proud?!?! And, there were 3-4 other gals barefoot and were killing it. That made ne feel a little less wimpy :)

I didn't have time for the whole 50 minute workout, but after 25 minutes of "not-so-pretty-but-hard-earned-moves," I felt so good! I could tell that I woke up that fat jelly in my body. Time to get lost, fattiness!

The thing I know about myself is that I'm a born athlete and everything is linked to me being active. All I have to do is take the first step and then everything else follows. I kid you not: I "Zumba-ed" (is that a word?), and drank some water and IMMEDIATELY wanted a salad and protein. INSTANT.
So here I am, 11:25pm, eating my salad, and wondering why in the world I hadn't taken my first step sooner.


Keep me accountable. This needs to be me again.

Good habits. Good habits again.


Pray for me.

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